Laziness – introduction and bible study guide

Laziness. It is a subject that most of us would admit we have an issue with. There may be many reasons for “soft peddling” the subject of laziness.

Laziness needs to be viewed as more than just a problem for the individual but as sin. God speaks clearly and loudly about its dangers, seductions and ultimately, its subtle work at robbing an individual of character, reputation and reward.

Laziness effects more than just an individual, it wrecks havoc on the family, the church and in the corporate world too – it leaves all who practice it wide open for attack and great loss; spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically.

Scripture References:
Pro 6:6-11; Pro 24:30-34; Pro 13:4; Pro 21:25; Pro 19:24; Pro 26:15; 2Th 3:6-15; Pro 10:26; Pro 20:4; Pro 22:13; Pro 24:30; Pro 26:13-16; Pro 18:9; Pro 17:17; Pro 24:10; Pro 19:15; Ecc 10:18; Pro 15:19; Pro 22:5-6; Pro 13:4; Pro 20:4; Pro 24:34; Mat 25:14-29; 1Cr 3:6-14; Pro 24:32; Rom 12:11; Col 3:22-25
Subject Outline:
The Problem of LazinessIntroduction1.The characteristics of laziness
– Depends on others to give direction
– Fails to plan ahead
– Neglects to care for what is his
– Desires things but doesn’t work for them
– Does not put forth effort to meet need
Lazy people are unreliable
– Lazy people do not respond when
facing hardship
– Lazy people make excuses for lack of
– Lazy people lack understanding
– Lazy people think they are wise
– Lazy people destroy work already done
– Lazy people cannot be counted on in
times of adversity
2. The consequences of being laziness
– sleep instead of working
– deterioration
– thorns in the way
– poverty and need
– loss of reward3. The cure for laziness
– learn from the ant
– observe the consequences of laziness
– serve the Lord with all your heart

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