Friends – introduction and bible study guide

There are many descriptions for friends – from a worldly and a biblical point of view. In the Hebrew language, the words, “friend,” “companion,” and “neighbor” are translated from six different words.What exactly is a friend? How does one know if that person is really a friend? Can we know if we are a true friend to someone else?Having friends and being a friend to someone else has great rewards where wisdom abounds. Having the wrong kind of friends or being the wrong kind of friends can lead to unbelievable sorrow too.

God declares the issues of friends a most important subject. But, what of our relationship to God Himself?

Scripture References:
Ecc 4:9-12; Pro 14:20; Pro 19:4; Pro 19:6-7; Luk 16:9; Pro 18:24; Pro 22:11; Mat 19:19; Eph 5:29; Mat 22:37-40; Pro 27:10; Pro 12:26; Pro 13:20; Pro 16:28-29; Pro 21:10; Pro 22:24; 1Cr 15:33; Pro 14:20-21; Pro 17:9; Pro 24:28; Pro 25:8; Pro 25:18; Pro 25:17; Pro 27:14; Pro 6:1-5; Pro 17:18
Subject Outline:
The Problem of FriendsIntroduction1. Insights about friendship
– we need friends
– people become friends because of
money and gifts
– too many friends causes problems
– people need friends who are sincere
and kind

2. Why Friendships?
A. Do not forsake friends in need
– choose them carefully
– don’t look down on them
– don’t betray their confidence
– don’t accuse them without a cause
– don’t overstay your welcome
– don’t guarantee their debts
– show concern for how you are perceived
and received
B. Ingredients of a true friendship
– friendship includes counsel
– friendship includes confrontation
– friendship includes closeness
– friendship includes compassion
– friendship includes consistency


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