Fools – introduction and bible study guide

The problem of wisdom and the problem of fools – these two serve as the foundation for understanding the Book of Proverbs. To understand fully the riches of wisdom is found in the study of a fool – for a fool’s folly is exposed in his lack of wisdom!

According to God, a fool is one who lays up earthly treasures for himself – desiring all the good things of this life in order to satisfy the deep inward dissatisfaction within the soul.

The fool is one who cannot see the purpose of God and the purpose for God being a part of his or her life. Instead, the fool spends a lifetime obtaining and accumulating that which is left behind – to their own folly, missing eternal life and the riches of Christ Jesus that had been set before them.

Such is one who is a fool.

Scripture References:
Luk 12; Pro 18:6; Pro 20:3; Pro 10:23; Pro 13:19; Pro 14:9; Ecc 5:1; Pro 7:21-23; Pro 21:20; Pro 12:16; Pro 14:29; Pro 27:3; Ecc 7:9; Eph 4; Pro 14:3-8; Pro 15:7; Pro 17:7; Pro 12:15; Pro 17:10; Pro 23:9; Pro 27:22; Pro 28:25-26; Pro 14:16; Pro 19:3; Pro 1:22; Pro 10:18; Pro 10:12-14; Ecc 5:3; Ecc 10:14; Pro 14:33; Pro 29:11; Pro 18:13; Pro 10:1; Pro 15:5-20; Pro 17:21-25; Pro 19:13; Pro 23:9; Pro 26:4-5; Pro 29:9; Pro 10:21; Ecc 5:4; Pro 10:14; Pro 18:7; Pro 13:20; Pro 1:32; Pro 3:35; Pro 10:8; Pro 11:29; Pro 26:1; Pro 8:5; Pro 9:60; Luk 24:22-32; Pro 3:5-6
Subject Outline:
The Problem of FoolsIntroduction1. The practices which identify a fool
A. They get in arguments easily
B. They treat sin lightly
C. They respond to seduction easily
D. They squander money and resources
E. They develop wrong values
F. They harbor anger and resentment
G. They practice deceit and lying

2. The pride that characterizes a fool
A. They believe he is always right
B. They do not respond to reproof
C. They trust their own heart
D. They resist the Lord
E. They hate knowlege

3. The pattern of speech used by a fool
A. They spread slander
B. They talk to much
C. They rely on their own feelings
D. They speak without listening

4. The pain a fool causes their own family

5. The problem in confronting a fool

6. The perils faced by a fool in their lifetime
A. The displeasure of God
B. The destruction of his life
– because of conversation
– because of friends
– because of complacency

7. The perishing of success and greatness

8. The plea to fools from the heart of God


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