Fear – introduction and bible study guide

There are many reasons each of us fear – the loss of finances, a sickly child, an unstable marriage, a wrong view of God, aging, the unknown, skewed perspective and even death.Often, the word for fear is replaced by the more clinical word, “anxiety.” Fear is often described as, “a lack of faith.” No matter how it is framed, it is still fear.

There are five different Hebrew words for the word, “fear” and the subject of fear is mentioned more than 600 times by God. Fear is not an irrelevant issue to Him and nor, should this subject be ignored by us. There is wisdom in understanding what fear is and what God says about it.

Scripture References:
Pro 1:28-33; Psa 23:1-4; Psa 64:1; Pro 29:25; Num 14:1-10; Rom 8; Hbr 2:14-15; Luk 21:25-28; Mat 10:26-28; Jhn 7:13; Jhn 20:19; 2Ti 1:6-12; Psa 19:7-9; Psa 119:120; Psa 2:10-12; Psa 96:9; Psa 5:7; Lam 3:22; Psa 34:4-11; Pro 24:21; Pro 1:7; Pro 2:5; Pro 9:10; Pro 15:33; Pro 3:7-8; Pro 8:13; Pro 14:16; Pro 16:6; Pro 23:17-18; Pro 3:2-6; Pro 14:27; Pro 19:23; Pro 15:16; Pro 22:4; Pro 31:30; Gen 20:11; Pro 13:13; Rom 3:10-18; Deu 10:12-13; Pro 14:1; 2Cr 7:1
Subject Outline:
The Problem of FearIntroduction1. Fear results from not trusting God
A. It creates emotional traps
– the fear of evil
– the fear of an enemy
– the fear of man
– the fear of death
B. It results in personal trembling
C. It results in spiritual timidity2. Fear is an emotional response to God
– it refers to God’s laws
– it realizes God’s judgments
– it recognizes God’s anger
– it remembers God’s holiness
– it responds to God’s mercies
– it rest in God’s protection
– it relies on God’s provision3. Fear is essential for a relationship with God
A. It is commanded
B. It is controlled by a hatred of sin
C. It is characterized by strong trust
D. It is compared to wealth, honor and life
E. It is committed to a Godly lifestyle

4. Fear is contrasted with disobedience and
lack of convictions


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