Discipline – introduction and bible study guide

The subject of Discipline can be a very controversial topic.

A persons perspective on discipline is molded in large part by ownership.God has much to say about discipline; not limiting his instruction to the younger child alone, but to the older one too. He also addresses the methods earthly fathers use versus His. Lastly, God introduces His reasons for His discipline versus the man-centered reasons for discipline.

God desires our becoming familiar with His approach of discipline, that we might grow in wisdom and knowledge. The question becomes, “Who do we belong to?”

Scripture References:
Pro 3; Hbr 12:5-11; Pro 22:15; Pro 29:15; Pro 23:13-14; Pro 29:17; Pro 3:11-12; Hbr 12; Pro 13:24; Hbr 12:9; Jam 4; Hbr 12:11; Pro 13:24; Pro 23:13-14; Pro 29:15; 1Sa 2:17; 1Sa 2:29; 1Sa 3:13; Hbr 12; Col 3:21; Rom 8:18-22; 1Pe 2:19-20; 2Cr 12:7-9; 1Pe 5:8-11; Jhn 9; Exd 4:11; Pro 1:8-10; Pro 3:1; Pro 13:24; Pro 22:15; Pro 23:13-14; Pro 29:15; Pro 10:13; Pro 19:29; Pro 26:3; Pro 3:11-12
Subject Outline:
The Problem of DisciplineIntroduction1. The purpose of discipline
A. It relates to wisdom
B. It relates to loving protection
C. It relates to family happiness
D. It relates to God’s love
E. It relates to submission and respect
F. It relates to a Godly lifestyle

2. The problems of discipline

3. The process of discipline
The fall of man brought a curse
– “self” and self-centeredness
– Satanic influence
– God’s own discipline of His children
A. Verbal instruction and warning
B. Instrument in use
C. Divine intervention and chastening


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