Counsel – introduction and bible study guide

In a age when the profession of counseling is exploding – so is the plight of mankind in his attempt to reconcile past, present and future.With so many resources on the subject of counseling and the myriad opportunities available to receive counsel – why is it that man still searches endlessly for a reason to exist?

Suicide, lying, rape, stealing and murder are increasing at an unprecedented clip. There must be something more than a man-centered attempt to study the workings of the inward man and his motivations to act accordingly.

There is. God created man. He knows his every thought, desire and end. God has much to say about His counsel and our obtaining it from Him. His counsel leads to hope and each man must search Him out to find it.

Scripture References:
Pro 1:1-7; Pro 12:15; Pro 19:20-21; Pro 20:18; Pro 11:14; Pro 15:22-23; Pro 22:17-21; Pro 19:21; Rom 15:4; Psa 1:1; Pro 12:5; Rom 15:14; Col 1:28; Col 3:16; Rom 12:4-8; 1Cr 4:14-15; 1Th 2:10-12; Psa 119:24; 1Cr 10:11; 2Ti 4:2; Tts 1:9; Tts 2:15; 1Ti 5:1-2; Tts 2:3-5; 1Th 5:14; 2Ti 4:2; 2Th 3:14-15; Act 20:31; 2Cr 1:3-7; 1Th 4:13-18; Gal 6:1-2
Subject Outline:
The Problem of CounselIntroduction

1. Why do we need counsel?
A. It is the wise thing to do
B. It is the safe thing to do
C. It is the good thing to do
D. It is the pleasant thing to do

2. Who should give us counsel?
A. Believers only
B. Believers filled with goodness
C. Believers filled with wisdom
D. Believers possessing that Spiritual gift
E. Believers with a father’s heart

3. How should counsel be given?
A. Always use the bible
B. With respect for age
C. With respect for sexual differences
D. With patience
E. With loving confrontation
F. With emotional identity
G. With gentleness


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