Anger – introduction and bible study guide

Anger. Every man, woman and child possesses this unique emotion. It is opposite the emotion of peace and can wreck havoc in the life of an individual, family and even business.

Are there times when it is justifiable to be angry? How can we know when anger is right and when it is not right before God? Is there more than one way to express anger? Can anger be controlled? How does one approach an angry person?

Anger can be constructive or destructive. There must be a way to understand when and how that emotion called anger is presented. God says much about the subject of anger – and we would be wise to seek to understand what He says about this matter.

Scripture References:
Gal 5:16; Gal 6:3; Eph 6:12; Jam 3:14-16; Pro 11:12; Pro 14:16; Pro 14:29; Pro 16:32; Pro 25:28; Pro 25:23; Psa 101:5; Pro 27:4; Pro 28:25; Pro 29:22; Pro 13:10; Pro 3:11-12; Mat 18:34-35; Jhn 3:36; Rom 1:18; Rom 3:5-6; Eph 5:6; Eph 4:25; Mar 3:5; Mar 10:13-15; Rom 12:17-19; Pro 20:22; Pro 3:30; Mat 5:22; Luk 15:28-31; Pro 15:18; Pro 21:19; Eph 4:31; Col 3:8; Pro 20:9; Pro 28:13; Eph 4:31-32; Pro 15:21; Pro 19:11; Pro 17:14; Pro 20:3; Pro 22:24; Mat 26:41; Gal 5:16-25
Subject Outline:
The Problem of AngerIntroduction1. Why do we get angry?
A. It is our natural tendency
B. It is encouraged by demonic forces
C. We lack wisdom and are self-confident
D. We can’t rule our spirit
E. We are slandered behind our backs
F. We are jealous
G. We are proud
H. We do not like our circumstances

2. When is it right to be angry?
A. When we reflect God’s rigteousness
B. When we do not sin in the process

3. Can we anger about matters Jesus Christ
angers about?

4. When is it wrong to be angry?
A. When we seek revenge
B. When it is not for a righteous cause
C. When others are more favored than us
D. When we are…
– bitter
– resentful
– speak evil of others
– argumentative

5. How do we control our anger?
A. Insufficient solutions
B. Biblical insights
– don’t justify or defend your anger
– be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving
C. Speak softly
– overlooking a transgression
– avoiding arguments marked by strife
– avoid friendships with angry people
– pray constantly and honestly to God
– being filled with the Holy Spirit


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